Family Photos thanks to Orange Photographie

Hello! It's so wonderful to meet you :)

First of all...hooray you are getting married!!! Congratulations on your engagement, and I am completely overjoyed that you are considering hiring me to capture every moment and detail of your wedding day!

Ok now on to a little bit about me...I tell every single potential client it is just as important, if not more, to love the person who is your photographer as it is to love his or her portfolio. Trust is key in hiring any vendor! I'm a girly-girl at heart...always have been, always will be! So I drool over anything pink and sparkly, shoes, purses, pretty much anything related to the fashion world, oh and of course gorgeous weddings full of romance and style. I spend far too much time pinning images of items that fall into these categories on Pinterest, but you have to get inspiration from somewhere, right? Totally justified.

I couldn't ask for more than what God has so graciously blessed me with! I am the proud Momma to the most fun, talkative, outgoing, dirt-train-monster truck-dinosaur-baseball loving 7 year old boy there is! Harrison brings me more joy in life than I could have ever expected, and he happens to be the greatest big brother in the world! My incredible second son, Wallace, has grown my heart in ways I never thought possible! He has the best laugh I've ever heard and is such a happy boy doing everything he can to follow in big brother's footsteps. Fur babies are definitely family in my house, so I must include our two sweet pups, Abraham and Winston. My family lights up my world and is the inspiration behind everything I do. They are the reason I succeed and the reason I push myself to be a better child of God, mother, and photographer every single day.

Developing my own unique style has been one of my most favorite parts of my journey in photography. If I were only given 3 words to describe my style, they would be timeless, romantic, and pure. I capture moments in a way that will allow the viewer to become part of the image with real, raw emotion as the focus. Photographing with a fine art film and editorial approach allows me to tell the entire story of the day through images, from every big moment to every little detail. I keep my editing and post production as pure as I can and aim to have my photos look true to life with airy and natural light. 

I look forward to getting to know more about you and your journey to happily ever after!